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In the summer of 2008 we started on a quest to find or build the best jig head on the market for inshore saltwater fishing. After a year of trial and error, we came up with the "Knotty Hooker" brand. Our goal was simple, always use the highest quality materials and make sure the product was made in the USA. With these goals in mind, there was no question for the hook choice. Gamakatsu® is the leading fish hook manufacturer in the world. Material and technology are what makes these hooks far superior to all other brands. Our unique jig head design has symmetrical conical cylinders that really hold soft plastics on the hook. The stand-up head also features large eyes and research has shown that a visible eye is a critical determining factor in the fish’s decision whether or not to strike.

You fisherman ask for it and we deliver on a consistent basis. We have more weights, hook sizes, eye styles, and colors than any other jig head manufacturer in the tackle industry.


Don't settle for imitations or cheap knock offs. If it doesn't say Gamakatsu® on the package then it is not made with these quality hooks. Some manufacturers lead you to believe that their hooks are of high quality by inserting a “G” in the name and charging a higher price but don’t be fooled. Knotty Hooker brand manufactured in Texas by BAAD Marine Supply are the real deal.

Use the brand that ALL of the top pros rely on in the major tournament series along the Texas and Louisiana coast. Our brand has accounted for more winnings than any other jig heads on the market today. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, then send the unused product back and we will refund your full purchase. Knotty Hooker's are simply the best jig head on the market period.