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    Designed by Captain Buzz Stansel at Hackberry Rod & Gun Club, the Hackberry Hustler is a versatile and highly effective soft-plastic bait. This unique bait features a flat belly and an upturned paddletail, which makes it swim straight and true - even when not perfectly rigged on a jighead.

    The Killer Flats Minnow has become the preferred weapon for top anglers up & down the coast. It's stealthy design makes the Killer Flats Minnow the perfect choice when targeting gamefish on the shallowest of flats. Available in 25 incredible fish-catching colors, the Killer Flats Minnow is available in the best colors regardless of where you're fishing along the entire Gulf Coast. While designed for extreme flats fishing, the Killer Flats Minnow can be used in a wide range of depths and applications.

    We took our wildly popular Killer Flats Minnow and jumbo sized it! The Killer Flats Minnow XL (aka the 'BIG MINO') has all the great swimming action and durability of our original KFM in a super-sized package. The BIG MINO checks in at just under 5-inches long and features a slotted belly for quick and easy weedless rigging. This bait works equally well with a standard jighead, one of our Texas Weedkiller weedless heads or an offset-shank worm hook for weightless Texas-rigging.

    This unique and highly-effective bait offers the appearance of a mullet-shaped body with a shrimp-like tail. The weight forward design provides superior casting distance. The wide body and tail provide tremendous lift in the water which allows the bait to be worked at slower speeds in shallow water. The fan tail with its shrimp appearance provides a life-like swimming action. This bait is like no other you have ever fished.

    The best selling solid body rat tail bait on the Texas Coast. It was one of the first on the market to incorporate durability, outstanding action and an extensive color listing all into one package. Since the start we wanted to create a bait that gave the fisherman the opportunity to catch more fish and spend less time changing out baits. The Trout Killer's incredible durability allows the fisherman to focus on catching and not worry about the bait falling down the shank of the hook. This popular Killer bait is the one that started it all.

    The latest "Killer Bait" has been unleashed. The dual action tail simulates the natural motion of a baitfish. Near neutral buoyancy allows you to "walk the dog" beneath the water's surface. This bait can be fished with or without a jig head to make it one of the most versatile bats that you hve ever fished. The hydronamic design allows you to easily maintain the bait at a constant depth. This is the anytime, anywhere, anyway, any place bait for the beginning to tournament angler.